Software SCADA


Visualize Your Data

NI LabVIEW includes a wide array of visualization features, including tools for charting and graphing and built-in 2D and 3D visualization, so you can present data on the user interface of your application. You can reconfigure attributes of your data presentation, such as colors, font size, and graph types, as well as dynamically rotate, zoom, and pan these graphs with no programming.

Reuse Existing Code and Easily Distribute Applications

The open LabVIEW environment provides superior connectivity to third-party software to make transitioning or coexisting simple. Use LabVIEW to access proprietary C code, make ActiveX calls, and call .NET assemblies. Create standalone executables or shared libraries (DLLs) for distributing your applications, with no additional licensing fees for most applications.

Design Professional Interfaces

Because NI designed LabVIEW specifically for engineers and scientists, you can take advantage of measurement-specific user interface design tools instead of creating them from scratch. Simply drag and drop the built-in controls and indicators from the controls palette and then point and click to customize behavior and appearance with interactive property pages.

Generate Professional HTML Reports Quickly

Create HTML reports quickly with little or no programming in LabVIEW. With the included report generation tools, you can take the data from your application and format it into a HTML report to publish the results on the Web.

Create Reports with Microsoft Office Tools

If you often create reports using Microsoft Office tools such as Excel and Word, rather than HTML, you can use LabVIEW to customize these reports to share with colleagues and customers. Use the LabVIEW Report Generation Toolkit for Microsoft Office to quickly create custom, professional reports using standard tools.

Publish and Control Applications on the Web

LabVIEW also gives you the ability to display your LabVIEW application on the Web. With LabVIEW remote panels, you can access and even control your VI across the Web and implement security settings to safeguard your data.